Vendor Finance Programs


Centra Leasing, Inc. provides equipment vendors with credit programs that increase sales. Centra offers convenient funding solutions for finance agreements, equipment loans, equipment leases, and credit card processing loans.

Program Features

Easy To Use


Centra makes it easy to offer leasing to your customers.  You can offer our financing program by using the following methods:

  • Online Referral - Just refer your customer to our online quotation and application system.
  • Get an "Online Finance Center" page for your website - Centra can provide you with a customized webpage for your website that is customized to match your current website.  It gives your customers the ability to get instant financing for your products without the customer leaving your website
  • Phone Referral - Do you have a customer that needs financing?  Just call us at (888) 779-4629 and we will have a finance representative call them immediately!

A Large Number of Finance Programs Available


Centra offers many different financing programs for any possible situation:

  • Standard Finance Program - Basic finance contract program with easy documentation.
  • Equipment Leasing Program - Low payments with a end of contract balloon payment.
  • New Business Financing Program - Financing for firms under 2 years in business.
  • Medical Finance Program - Special rates and terms for medical professionals.
  • Challenged Credit Program - A special program for those with weak or poor credit.
  • Working Capital Program - Centra offers working capital for qualified firms.
  • Deferred Payment Program - No payments for the first 3 problem.

To obtain a Centra Vendor Start Up Kit, click here.

Earn Extra Revenue By Offering A Finance Program on Your Website


Centra is unique in that it provides vendors with a way to create a new income stream by offering financing to their customers right on their website.  Upon request, Centra can create a free customized "Finance Center" web page vendors which allows them to offer online 24 hour financing for their products.  Vendors who place this "Finance It Now" link on their website are eligible to receive sizeable revenue from their new "Finance Center":

  • Revenue (up to 2% of equipment cost) created from any new finance contract or lease which funds!
  • An amount of up to $10 per applicant which completes and submits an application (even if they are not approved for credit)!
  • The average vendor selling more than $2 million in equipment per year could see their Finance Center revenue exceed $45,000 or more!

Click here to see a sample of a "Finance Center"

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